Top 10 Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze drying is the latest popular trend for preserving delicious and nutritious dog treats for your pup to enjoy.

There are many wonderful benefits to freeze drying treats, and we will share everything you need to know about this method.

And if we win you over, then take a look at our top 20 best freeze dried dog treats recommendations!

What is Freeze Drying?

Top 10 Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze-drying dog treats is a process of removing moisture from the treats while preserving their nutritional value and flavor. The process typically involves freezing the treats to a very low temperature, then placing them in a vacuum chamber and subjecting them to a low pressure, which causes the frozen water in the treats to sublimate directly from a solid to a gaseous state, leaving behind a dry, lightweight product.

Freeze-drying dog treats helps to retain their nutritional content and natural flavors, while extending their shelf life by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold. As a result, freeze-dried dog treats are a healthy and convenient snack option for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with nutrient-rich treats that can be stored easily and taken on the go. When ready to serve, freeze-dried dog treats can be rehydrated by soaking them in water or another liquid to restore their original texture and moisture content.

Benefits of Freeze Drying Dog Treats

Freeze drying dog treats can provide a number of benefits for both dogs and their owners. Here are some of the key advantages of freeze-dried dog treats:

Nutritional Value

Freeze drying is a gentle and effective method of preserving the nutritional value of dog treats. The process involves freezing the treats and then removing the water content through sublimation, which occurs when water transitions directly from a solid to a gas phase without melting into a liquid.

Freeze drying preserves the nutritional content of dog treats by minimizing heat exposure and oxidation, which can degrade the quality and nutritional value of the treats. The low temperatures used in freeze drying help to retain the natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in the treats, which can be lost through other drying methods. Additionally, because freeze drying removes only water and not other nutrients, the treats retain their original nutritional content in a concentrated form, making them a healthy and nutrient-rich snack for dogs.

Longer Shelf Life

Freeze drying dog treats is an effective method of improving their shelf life by removing moisture, which is a key factor in the growth of microorganisms that cause spoilage. By removing moisture, freeze drying inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold, which can cause dog treats to spoil and become unsafe for consumption.

During the freeze drying process, the dog treats are frozen and then placed in a vacuum chamber, where low pressure is applied. The low pressure causes the frozen water in the treats to sublimate, or transition directly from a solid to a gaseous state, without passing through a liquid phase. This process removes the water from the treats while preserving their flavor, aroma, and nutritional content.

By removing moisture from the treats, freeze drying reduces the water activity of the product, making it less hospitable to microorganisms that cause spoilage. The resulting dry, lightweight product has a longer shelf life than fresh or traditional dehydrated treats, and can be stored for extended periods of time without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.

Lightweight and Convenient

Freeze drying makes dog treats lightweight and convenient by removing the moisture content from the treats, resulting in a dry, lightweight product that is easy to store and transport.

The removal of water from the treats significantly reduces their weight, making them lightweight and easy to handle. Additionally, because freeze-dried dog treats have a low moisture content, they do not require refrigeration and have a longer shelf life than other forms of dog treats, which makes them convenient for storage and travel.

Flavor and Texture

Freeze drying dog treats is a process that preserves their flavor and texture by removing moisture from the treats while minimizing the impact of heat exposure, oxidation, and other factors that can degrade their quality.

The low temperatures used in freeze drying help to minimize heat exposure, which can cause the breakdown of flavors and aromas. Additionally, freeze drying helps to preserve the texture of the treats, as it does not require the high temperatures used in traditional baking or dehydrating methods. The result is a dry, lightweight product that retains the original texture and flavor of the treats.

When ready to serve, freeze-dried dog treats can be rehydrated by soaking them in water or another liquid, restoring their original texture and making them more appealing to dogs.

No Preservatives

One of the main benefits of freeze drying dog treats is that it does not require the use of preservatives. This is because the process of freeze-drying effectively removes moisture from the treats, making them inhospitable to microorganisms that cause spoilage, without the need for chemical preservatives.

Preservatives are often added to dog treats to extend their shelf life and prevent spoilage, but they can have potential health risks for dogs, especially if consumed in large amounts. By eliminating the need for preservatives, freeze-drying dog treats provides a safe and natural alternative for pet owners who want to offer their dogs a healthy and high-quality snack.

Our Top 10 Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats Picks

1. Pupford Freeze Dried Dog Training Treats

These Pupford training treats are a fantastic choice for any pup parent looking for a healthy and high-value reward.

With only 2 simple ingredients, they are low in calories and high in protein, with each treat containing less than 1 calorie.

They are also perfectly sized for repetitive training rewards and come with over 475 treats per bag.

Additionally, these treats are sourced and made in the USA!

2. Wag Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Breast

Looking for a high-quality dog treat that’s made with only the best ingredients? Look no further than Wag!

These treats are made with 100% real chicken breast that has been gently freeze-dried to preserve freshness and flavor.

Sourced and freeze-dried in the USA, these treats contain no added grain, corn, wheat, soy, potato, or egg, and no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Each bag contains 3 oz of freeze-dried chicken dog treats in a resealable pouch, so your pup can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

3. Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Made with 100% chicken breast and no added fillers, these grain-free dog treats are perfect for pets with allergies, food sensitivities, and sensitive stomachs.

They are packed with protein, making them great for training, and are freeze-dried to lock in nutrients and preserve freshness.

Although the tub may not be filled to the top due to settling, these treats are still guaranteed to be delicious, and are freeze-dried in the USA.

4. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Lamb Wild Weenies Dog Treats

With all-natural, protein-rich ingredients, Wild Weenies help improve your dog’s overall health and well-being!

Made with freeze-dried, all-natural raw lamb and organs, these high protein treats are perfect for training or rewarding.

With 97% lamb and organs, these treats provide 37-40% of your dog’s daily recommended protein intake.

The unique shape and texture make them easy to chew and digest.

By feeding your pet a diet similar to their ancestors in the wild, you can help support their digestion, teeth, coat, stamina, and vitality.

5. Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Made with lean protein and packed with vitamins and minerals, these treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes.

They are also free of artificial flavorings, fillers, dyes, and rendered by-products, so you can treat your dog with a clean conscience.

These lightweight, dehydrated treats come in a convenient, resealable pouch, making them perfect for road trips and adventures.

The raw chicken ingredient is perfectly preserved with freeze drying and can soothe a sensitive stomach.

6. Raw Paws Freeze Dried Duck Necks

Top 10 Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats

These chews are made from humanely raised ducks on ethical family farms and are free from bleach and harmful chemicals.

Not only do they satisfy your pet’s need to chew, but they also support dental and mental health by cleaning teeth and gums and releasing dopamine to reduce stress.

They are soft enough for puppies and senior dogs with sensitive teeth, making them the perfect alternative to rawhide.

And if you’re not completely satisfied, Raw Paws offers a full refund, no questions asked!

7. A Better Treat – Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats

These treats are made with 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon, which is perfect for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, diabetes, or dietary requirements.

This salmon is shown to have 68% less saturated fat and is free of chemicals and antibiotics.

They are packed with essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as important minerals like magnesium and zinc, and vitamins A, B12, and D. These nutrients work together to keep your pet’s skin and coat in tip-top shape.

Moreover, the Omega 3 and 6 found in the salmon also provide joint and heart support. So, you’re not just giving your pet a tasty treat, but also a treat that will help them maintain their overall health.

8. ORIJEN® Freeze Dried Dog Treats

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Treats made from 100% raw animal ingredients.

Packed with WholePrey animal ingredients including muscle meat, organs, and bone.

Contains 99% quality animal ingredients for a nutrient-dense treat, and not supplemented with sodium.

These treats are perfect for training or as a reward at just 5 calories per treat!

9. Acana Singles Grain Free Dog Treats

These limited-ingredient treats are made from whole grass-fed lamb and Red Delicious apples, providing your dog with a delicious and healthy reward.

The treats are rich in protein and nutrient-dense, with inclusions of meat, organs, and cartilage that deliver the natural nutrients dogs need.

ACANA sources its ingredients from regional farms, ranches, and waters, and delivers them raw to the kitchen for processing. This means that your dog is getting a treat that is crafted from whole, quality animal ingredients, free from grain, gluten, potato, or tapioca.

10. Sojos Simply Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

With no preservatives or artificial ingredients, Simply Turkey is a natural, delicious snack that’s perfect for pets with food sensitivities.

Made with only one simple ingredient, these treats are safe and healthy thanks to Sojos’ gentle, proprietary freeze drying process.

You can be sure that your dog is getting a nutritious snack with natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Plus, every bag is made in the USA using only the finest globally sourced ingredients, ensuring a wholesome, non-GMO recipe that supports your pet’s wellbeing.

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