4 Fun Dog Treat Display Ideas – Easy Displays For Your Home

Say goodbye to all of those dog treat bags you’ve got scattered around your kitchen, and say hello to fun dog treat display ideas! We’ll share some of our favorite ways to display dog treats in your home so they blend seamlessly with your aesthetic while keeping the treats fresh.

Fun Dog Treat Display Ideas

Glass Jars

Glass jars are both functional and stylish when it comes to displaying dog treats. Let’s go over some reasons why dog treats are a great suggestion:

  • Convenience and Freshness: Glass jars are an ideal choice for storing dog treats because they keep snacks fresh without having to be refrigerated. This makes them especially convenient when taking treats on the go—just pack a jar in your bag and you’re all set! Plus, with an airtight lid, there’s no need to worry about bugs or other critters getting into the treats.
  • Style and Functionality: Glass jars aren’t just functional; they also look great! From vintage-style mason jars to modern-looking canisters, there is sure to be one that fits in with your home decor. Best of all, you can use these stylish containers as decorations even when they aren’t filled with tasty treats. Place them on shelves or counters in any room of the house for an added touch of charm.
  • Easy Cleanup: We all know how messy dog treats can get once they’ve been opened up—crumbs everywhere! But with glass jars, clean up is a breeze. Simply dump out any crumbs from the jar and rinse it out with water and soap if necessary. It’s as easy as that!

Here are some ideas for how to decorate your glass jars:

Choose Your Jars

The first step is to choose the jars that will best suit your needs. Are you looking for something small enough to fit into a cupboard or larger ones that can be displayed on a shelf?

If space is limited, consider using smaller mason jars or pickle jars—they’re both great options for smaller spaces.

Larger containers such as cookie jars or apothecary jars are perfect for displaying an abundance of treats.

You can also get creative with vintage finds like kombucha bottles or other antique glass pieces.

Painting Your Jar

Painting your jar is the best place to start when decorating it. Whether you want an all-over solid color or something more intricate like stripes or polka dots, spray paint is the perfect choice. Make sure the jar is clean and dry before you begin painting, and be sure to read the instructions on your chosen paint before starting. If you intend your painted jar for use with food items, make sure it’s non-toxic paint. Once the paint has dried, you can move onto other decorations.

Embellishing Your Jar

Embellishing your jar adds extra dimension and character to it. There are lots of options here; get creative and have fun with it! Glitter glue can add sparkle and glitz, while fabric scraps in coordinating colors can be used to make bows or other shapes that adhere directly onto the glass. You could also add stickers or buttons—the possibilities are endless! Just make sure whatever embellishments you choose are secure enough that they won’t come off into your pup’s treat bag.

Fun Finishing Touches

Once your jar is decorated just as you like it, don’t forget about the lid! The lid can be embellished in much the same way as the body of the jar; just remember that anything attached here needs to stay secure when opened and closed multiple times. For example, if using fabric scraps, opt for fabric glue over regular glue so that everything stays put. And once everything has been securely glued down and dried, fill up your jar with colorful treats—and enjoy watching your pup enjoy their special display!

Cute Glass Jar Options

Ceramic or stoneware canisters

Whether you love bold colors or prefer subtlety sophistication, ceramic and stoneware canisters make a great way to organize your pup’s delicious snacks while adding a stylish touch to any kitchen décor.

What are Ceramic and Stoneware Canisters?

Ceramic and stoneware canisters are containers made from either ceramic or stoneware clay that is fired at high temperatures. Both materials are non-porous and strong enough to withstand daily use, making them ideal for storing dry goods such as cookies, sugar, flour, nuts, chips, tea bags, and much more — including your dog’s favorite treats! The lids of these canisters come in various shapes and sizes with airtight seals that keep food fresh longer too!

Decorative Uses

Ceramic and stoneware canisters are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, designs and patterns — so there’s something for everyone! You can find decorative pieces with everything from cute paw print designs to colorful abstract art. Not only do they look great on their own but they also add an extra touch of flair when paired with other items in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a country-style kitchen with wooden countertops you could pair the canister with other rustic elements like mason jars or vintage tin cans. Or if you prefer modern style kitchens then choose sleek black or white pieces with contemporary graphics like geometric shapes or flowers.

Functional Uses

Ceramic and stoneware canisters aren’t just for show; they serve an important purpose too! These containers are great for keeping your dog treat supply organized because they seal tightly to keep out moisture which is key for maintaining freshness. Plus the variety of sizes makes it easy to store different types of treats separately (e.g., small bites vs large bones). And since these containers are stackable it allows you to maximize counter space by stacking several together when necessary. Just make sure that each lid is securely fastened before stacking them up — this will help prevent spills or messes should one accidentally get knocked over!

Top Picks For Ceramic and Stoneware Canisters

Wicker baskets

Not only do wicker baskets look great, but they are also a practical way to keep your pup’s snacks organized and easy to access. Let’s explore how you can use wicker baskets as fashionable storage solutions for your pup’s favorite treats.

Mix & Match Colors & Patterns

The beauty of wicker baskets is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match them however you like. Plus, with so many different colors and patterns available, it is easy to find ones that will fit into your home’s décor. For a fun pop of color, try adding a few brightly colored bowls or trays on top of the basket. This will add some personality and really make the basket stand out!

Add Labels

It doesn’t have to be boring or complicated when it comes to labeling your dog treats. You can use labels made from cardstock paper or even make them yourself using scrapbooking paper and stickers. This adds an extra touch of customization that looks great and allows you to easily identify which treats belong in each basket. Plus, if you get creative enough, it can double as part of the décor!

Reuse Old Containers

If you don’t want to buy new wicker baskets just for storing dog treats, think about repurposing something else instead. A jar or container with a lid will work just as well – just make sure that it has enough space inside for all the treats you plan on storing! If the container isn’t attractive enough on its own, simply add some decorations like ribbons or fabric flowers around the outside for an added touch of style.

Wicker Basket Display Ideas

Wall-mounted treat dispenser

Wall mounted treat dispensers are a great way to free up clutter in your kitchen while providing a safe and attractive way to display your dog treats! You have the option to store multiple treats since many wall dispensers come with several compartments. Just make sure that the size of your treats can fit through the slots of the dispenser so they don’t get stuck! Here are some wall dispenser options to consider.

Wall Mounted Treat Display Suggestions


We hope you were inspired by some of our fun dog treat display ideas! No longer do you have to squirrel away the dog treat bags – you can display some lovely container options in your kitchen while freeing up cabinet space. Just make sure your pup can’t get to those storage containers!

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