6 Simple Reasons Why Donuts Are Bad For Dogs

Donuts are a tasty treat we all love – but are donuts bad for dogs? 

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While they may seem harmless enough due to their sweet taste, donuts are generally not a good option when it comes to treating your pup. 

Here are a few reasons for why dogs should not consume donuts meant for humans.

Table of Contents

1.  Dogs Can’t Digest Sugar
2.  Donuts Are High in Calories
3.  Donuts Are High in Fat
4.  Donuts Contain Unhealthy Ingredients
5.  Donuts Aren’t Nutritious
6.  Donuts Can be a Choking Hazard
Healthy Donut Options for Dogs

1.  Dogs Can’t Digest Sugar

We all know that sugar is bad for us humans, but is sugar bad for dogs? Yes.

It’s true – dogs should not consume sugar. The biggest problem with feeding your dog donuts is that they can’t digest sugar. Sugar is a complex carbohydrate that dogs lack the enzymes to break down. When sugar is consumed, it can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues.

Sugar can cause serious health problems in our furry friends, including obesity, diabetes, and even tooth decay. Sugar causes blood glucose levels to spike, which can lead to long-term issues like diabetes. Additionally, consuming too much sugar can cause unhealthy weight gain in dogs—just like in humans! Obesity increases the risk of heart disease and other diseases related to being overweight. On top of this, sugar can also damage your puppy’s teeth by causing cavities and gum disease. 

For more information on diabetes in canines, see this article by the American Veterinary Medical Association. They also discuss pet dental health here.

2.  Donuts Are High in Calories

Another problem with donuts is that they’re high in calories. Just one donut can contain over 200 calories, which is a lot for a small dog. If your dog consumes too many calories, they could end up gaining weight. To learn more about canine obesity, see this article by VCA Animal Hospitals.

One of the main reasons why dogs can’t eat donuts with high calories is because their digestive system is different from ours. Dogs have a much shorter digestive system than humans do, which means their bodies cannot process the same types of food as we can. Donuts are made up of several ingredients, such as sugar, flour, and oil, which can be difficult for a dog’s body to break down. This can cause an upset stomach and other health issues like indigestion and diarrhea. 

3.  Donuts Are High in Fat

In addition to being high in calories, donuts are also high in fat. Fat is essential for dogs, but too much can lead to obesity and other health problems. The majority of the fat in donuts is saturated fat, which isn’t good for dogs either.

In fact, any human food with a high fat content is dangerous for dogs because the dog’s digestive system isn’t designed to digest large amounts of fat like ours is. This means that when Fido eats something like a donut, it passes through his system undigested and can cause serious problems such as vomiting or diarrhea. 

In some cases, it can even cause an upset stomach or gastrointestinal blockage that requires surgery to remove. Furthermore, too much fat can cause pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas that is very painful for your dog and may even be life-threatening if left untreated. 

4.  Donuts Contain Unhealthy Ingredients

Most donuts contain unhealthy ingredients like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

Many store-bought donuts are made with artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or xylitol which can be toxic if consumed by dogs in large quantities. Additionally, many commercially made donuts contain preservatives or other additives that could also be dangerous for your pup if ingested in large amounts over time. 

These ingredients can be toxic to dogs and may cause them to experience adverse reactions like vomiting and diarrhea. 

5.  Donuts Aren’t Nutritious

Another reason why donuts are bad for dogs is that they’re not nutritious. Dogs need certain nutrients like protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals to stay healthy. Donuts lack all of these nutrients and can actually lead to malnutrition if fed as a regular part of your dog’s diet.

6.  Donuts Can be a Choking Hazard

Finally, donuts can be a choking hazard for dogs. This is especially true for small breeds who may try to swallow a whole donut at once. 

What To Do If Your Dog Chokes On A Donut 

If your dog does happen to choke on a donut, there are steps you can take right away. 

First and foremost, stay calm! Panicking will only make things worse for both you and your pet. 

Next, remove any food pieces that may be lodged in their throat using either tweezers or your fingers (if necessary). 

Then, place your hands around their muzzle and gently press downwards until whatever was stuck is dislodged. 

Once the obstruction is removed, provide the pup with plenty of water so that they may rehydrate themselves after all the excitement. 

If the situation does not improve or if your pup is struggling to breathe following these steps then call an emergency veterinarian straight away – time is of the essence in these situations! 

Healthy Donut Options for Dogs 

We may have spent the past few minutes scaring you from letting your dog eat donuts, but don’t worry, there are other delicious alternatives for your pup to eat! Believe it or not, there are plenty of healthy donut options that your furry friend can enjoy. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones. 

Homemade Donuts 

The best way to ensure your dog is getting the healthiest donut possible is to make them yourself! All you need is some whole-wheat flour, baking powder, nonfat yogurt, eggs, and peanut butter. Mix everything together until it forms a dough and then roll it out flat with a rolling pin before cutting out donut shapes with a cookie cutter. Pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350°F and you’re done! Be sure to let them cool down before giving them to your pup. 

If you only have all purpose flour on hand, see our guide on whether it is safe to bake for your dog with this flour type. You may also want to consider adding nutritional yeast to some of your homemade dog snacks. 

Frozen Yogurt Donuts 

If you’re looking for an even simpler option than homemade donuts, try frozen yogurt donuts! All you need is some plain Greek yogurt, honey, and freeze-dried fruit (which can be found in most pet stores). Mix the yogurt and honey together and then add in the freeze-dried fruit. Freeze overnight and then cut into small pieces when ready to serve. Not only are these delicious treats healthy for your dog—they also make great teething snacks if your pup is still teething! 

Carrot Cake Donuts 

Finally, if you want something a bit more substantial than frozen yogurt or homemade donuts, give carrot cake donuts a try! These treats are made with carrots (of course), coconut oil, oat flour, baking soda, cinnamon, applesauce, vanilla extract, and peanut butter. Mix everything together until it forms a dough before rolling it out flat with a rolling pin and cutting out donut shapes with a cookie cutter. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes before letting them cool down completely before serving. Your pup will love these yummy treats! 

So, are donuts bad for dogs? The answer seems to be yes. But don’t lose hope!

When it comes to treats for your pup, there are plenty of healthy options available—even donuts! Homemade donuts are always the safest bet since you know exactly what ingredients are going into them. But if that sounds like too much work there are other options such as frozen yogurt or carrot cake donuts that can provide just as much nutrition without all of the fuss. So go ahead and treat your furry friend today—they deserve it!

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